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posted this on December 15, 2013, 23:43

Putlocker Watch Frozen Online Disney Free Movie As seen in the movie’s opening moments, the girls are the closest of childhood friends, their playtime enhanced by Elsa’s unexplained ability to conjure a wonderland of ice and snow at the literal waving of her fingertips. But like Midas’ golden touch, Elsa’s powers soon seem more curse than blessing. When an errant icicle nearly proves fatal to Anna, the King and Queen seal the castle gates, while Elsa further cuts herself off from that circumscribed world, coming of age in solitude even after a shipwreck leaves her and Anna orphans.


Putlocker Watch Frozen Online Disney Free Movie Only as Elsa’s coronation day draws near does she emerge from her seclusion, still uncertain as to whether or not she can control her “gift” (which, like the telekinetic rage of Stephen King’s Carrie, seems to be triggered by intense surges of emotion).

The graphic possibilities of ice and snow are gorgeously realised in some of the most straightforwardly beautiful animation since those pups trotted through the snowdrifts in 101 Dalmatians: make sure you catch the chase at sunset, with cool, mauve horizontal shadows cutting across the glittering tundra.

Born with the power to turn everything she touches into ice, Elsa is kept away from Anna lest she hurts her, and her secret hidden from the world.

A goofy snowman (Josh Gad) who provide romantic and comic relief, but like a girl on a mission, Anna only has her sister's safety on her mind.

These early passages play out pleasantly enough, enhanced by nice detail work showing the bustle of daily Arendelle life and an amusing turn by Alan Tudyk (last seen as “Ralph’s” megalomaniacal Turbo) as the nosy, diminutive Duke of neighboring Weselton (which, to his great consternation, everyone mispronounces as Weaseltown). But the narrative of “Frozen” only really kicks into gear with the palace ball following the coronation, where everything seems to be going hunky-dory until Anna makes the mistake of asking her sister’s permission to marry the dashing Prince Hans of the Southern Isles (Santino Fontana) — whom, admittedly, she only met earlier that same day. To say that Elsa’s reaction puts a chill in the air would be an arctic understatement. (Think Carrie’s prom crossed with the Ice Capades.)

But on growing up, when Elsa is crowned Queen of Arendelle, she freezes her village by accident and is branded a wicked sorceress, thus prompting her to banish herself to an isolated life away from home.

Determined to find and help her sister, Anna boldly sets off into the mountains. She has some company in the form of a rugged local (Jonathan Groff.

Given that they're both inspiring tales of girl power, Frozen is a far more enjoyable film than Pixar's Oscar-winning Brave from last year.

This is not your typical good vs evil battle, but in fact a story that reflects the complications of real life.

There are moments of genuine humor, mostly provided by the lovable snowman Olaf who yearns for summer, unaware of the consequences. The songs have hip, modern lyrics, and the stunning images of snow-covered vistas, and intricate ice structures are eye-watering.

Anna has had all memory of her childhood trauma wiped, “Men in Black”-style, by some friendly neighborhood trolls, leaving her all the more miffed by big sis’ literal and figurative cold shoulder.

This is a film that has enough to please the little ones and adults alike. I'm going with three-and-a-half out of five for Frozen. It'll melt your heart.