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posted this on December 15, 2013, 21:14

Watch Hobbit 2 Online What are the pluses of The Desolation of Smaug? Firstly, even at 2 hours and 41 minutes it has no dead spots and maintains one’s interest throughout. Secondly there are some enjoyable scenes of comic relief and good humor, as the relationship between Bilbo and the Dwarfs develops. Thirdly, the barreling down the river scene is a big highlight, as is the visit to the city on the lake and the elf fortress in Mirkwood.


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But what should we think of the new, and non-Tolkien character Tauriel, played by the star of Lost, Evangeline Lilly? Certainly she adds some romantic interest to the story, which softens it a bit, which is nice, but one wonders what Tolkien would think? After all, its not like there aren’t positive female characters in LOTR. Still, Lilly is excellent in her role, and steals quite a few scenes. Peter Jackson noted that only 5% of the female portion of the acting guild could have played the athletic parts Tauriel plays in this movie. He’s probably right.

And this brings us to Ole Dragon Breath—- Smaug the greedy. He makes King Croesus look like a poor man. Benedict Cumberbatch does a fine job of breathing life (and fire) into ye old dragon, and I found the encounter between Bilbo and the dragon really quite well done. Though Bilbo (still brilliantly played by Martin Freeman) is austensibly after the arkenstone, this is nearly forgotten in the attempts to mess with the dragon, who by the way, will be reappearing in Part Three next summer.

In this installment we finally have almost the full range of characters in play– wizards, elves, dwarves, humans, hobbits, and of course the forces of darkness, orcs, Sauron etc. Missing in action however is Gollum. I expect to see him in again in Part Three. In the meantime, raise a glass to Peter Jackson. It was no small task to get this story on the screen in a way that was both fresh, entertaining and still retained the essential integrity of the story. Mission Accomplished. This one will leave you wanting more, not

ed weekend per screen total to around $113,000 its debut weekend. Very strong numbers. Up around 30% from Friday night. Estimates have the total gross hovering around the $700,000 mark. The critically-acclaimed picture will go wide next weekend in around 2,500 theaters.

Sony notes that the opening is higher than director David O. Russell’s two previous films, The Fighter (which had a $75,000 average and went on to make $93.6M in domestic  box office and 34.5M overseas) and Silver Linings Playbook $27,687; that went onto make $132M domestically). Both films, likewise, rode critical acclaim and positive word-of-mouth right into Oscar season.

“It’s an incredible start for an incredible film,” said Rory Bruer, president of worldwide distribution for Sony Pictures. “I think David O’Russell created a film that gives crazy, cool performances that will be savored for years to come.” Those who have seen the picture that I know are planning to go back and see it again. So expect some repeat business and a long tail for this entertaining romp.

Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, on 15 screens in its first weekend out in limited release, was up around %29 from Friday and its per screen averages are running anywhere from $26,000 to $28,000 in estimates right now for the three-day. It rolls out wide next weekend in a marketplace that looks to be packed.

Fourth place is another Lionsgate franchise, Hunger Games: Catching Fire with an estimated Saturday take of anywhere between $5.7M and $5.8M so the three-day puts it at around $13.2M to $13.4M to bring its cume up to about $357M. In 3,663